Hi I am Hana, I currently live in San Diego with my family.  I work full time in the Finance industry but I have always been interested in Fashion at a very early age.  I grew up in Tunisia (North Africa) and was always exposed to different cultures through travel and that has influenced my sense of style, which I like to define as Classic with an Edge.

I remember making outfits for my dolls growing up and dreaming about the Fashion Industry but I quickly realized that it was a very competitive career path so Finance it is!!

But Fashion is in my DNA and I wanted to share my tips and tricks of getting the best deals without breaking the bank and staying true to your style. Being a mom does not have to define your personal style. You can still look cute at work and at home raising your kids while continuing being you.

I worked in retail while going to school and I saw how big of a mark up stores put on clothing. That’s when I vowed to myself that I would never buy anything full price (Unless my heart really tells me to).

Getting Affordable Fashion is not hard, there are so many resources out there, you just have to know where to look!!! That’s where I come in.  Stick with me and  I will hook you up!

I also have the most adorable girl ever!!! and I get to play dress up with her.  She is almost two and she says “I am a Diba”.  Her first word was “Shoes” she has more shoes than her dad and brothers combined. But none of her outfits  are ever over $15.  Because I know she won’t wear them for long, but people always ask me where I shop for her. I will be incorporating her style for all the mommies out there.

Read my Blog and Enjoy my Tips


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